Chapter 12. Users

Table of Contents

1. Edit Personal Settings
2. Create User
3. Edit Users (List View)
3.1. Edit Users
3.2. Edit User Rights
3.3. Deactivate User
4. Reactivate Users
5. Create Group
6. Edit Groups
7. Delete Group

The ConPresso user administration manages user and user group data. Here, you can create, edit and delete these data.

A ConPresso project is not handled by one person alone. Usually there are one or more administrators and numerous editors responsible for different sections. If the project is an online newspaper, for example, there will be editors responsible for the economy section and others that are dealing with the sports section and so on. ConPresso's user administration ensures that each editor has access to his or her section only.

In addition to the editors, in most cases there is one person that is responsible for approving or rejecting the articles of a section. ConPresso has adopted this hierarchy and it allows an unlimited number of editors and persons in charge of content approval.

User rights management in ConPresso is rather flexible, as the ConPresso user administration allows the definition of access rights for each editor and each rubric so that the relationship between individual editors can be specified freely. The ConPresso user and user rights management can emulate complex structures in a configurable two-step workflow. This means, for example, that an editor responsible for content approval in the economy section can also be an editor without content approval rights in other sections or he or she can have content approval rights in other sections as well. The user administration also plays an important part in creating personalized content with ConPresso.

Click on the menu “Users” in the backend navigation to access the following entries, buttons or functions: