4. Logfile

Only users with the roles of "Administrator" or "Superuser" can view the logfile. The logfile chronologically lists all activities in ConPresso and allows you to keep track of the editors' actions.

The logfile has an integrated full-text search that you can use to find specific entries.

Activate/Deactivate Filter

Click on “Activate Filter” to open the filter or click on “Deactivate Filter” to close it. If you close the filter it will be reset.

Filter by Keyword

Please enter a keyword and click on the button "Apply filter".

  • If you enter the user name Smith, for example, the logfile will list all actions carried out by the user Smith.

  • If you enter the action create user, for example, the logfile will list all creations of new users.

  • If you enter the rubric name News, for example, the logfile will list all actions that are related to the rubric "News".


The column “Date” shows the time when an action was recorded.


The column “User” displays the user name as well as the real name of the user who carried out the action.


The column “Action” shows which action was carried out by the user. Actions are recorded in English only.


The column “Details” can contain additional information on the action recorded to make keeping track of actions easier. The content of this column depends on which action was carried out. The information is recorded in English only.