2. Export / Import

In the view “Export/Import” you have the opportunity to export or import the whole ConPresso database. The database will be exported in the XML format.

These functions make it easier to move your project from one server to another. Besides copying the files in the file system all you have to do is export and import the database. The use of special database administration tools is not required. Data related to modules you might have installed will be exported and imported as well.


This function is not intended as a backup function. For backing up the file system and the database please use special backup solutions that perform this task automatically at regular intervals.

2.1. Export

Click on the button “Export” to generate an XML export file of the database. The file's name is shown in the field “File Name”. After that clicking on “Export” you will be prompted to save that file on your computer.

2.2. Import

Click on the button “Browse” and browse your computer for the XML file you have exported. Click on the button “Import” to import the XML file to your ConPresso database.


Please note that the file size limit set for file uploads also applies to the upload of the import file. This limitation is a PHP setting that can only be changed in the server's php.ini file or via the .htaccess file, for example. Please contact your server administrator if necessary.


The import will overwrite all existing data!