Chapter 10. Snippets

Table of Contents

1. Create Snippet
2. Edit Snippets (List View)
2.1. Edit Snippet
3. Copy Snippet
4. Delete Snippet

Recurring content modules are called snippets in ConPresso. By providing snippets, users with the roles of "Administrator" and "Superuser" can make work easier and more efficient for content editing users applying the ConPresso WYSIWYG editor.

Snippets can be created as mere text modules but they can also contain complex HTML coding. If an editor is using the ConPresso WYSIWYG editor for creating or editing an article, he or she can use those snippets to insert recurring content elements instead of creating them again and again each time they are needed.

The creation of snippets requires some knowledge of HTML therefore only users with the roles of "Administrator" and "Superuser" can access the menu “Snippets”. The demo snippet "Powered by ConPresso" is installed by default.

The following entries and functions are available via the menu “Snippets”: