2. Edit Snippets (List View)

Click on the entry “Edit snippets” in the menu “Snippets” to view a list of existing snippets you can edit.


The column “Name” lists the names of all existing snippets. This name was specified when the snippet was created. Editors can select a snippet by its name in the ConPresso WYSIWYG editor.


The column "Manage" contains the following buttons:

Click on the button Edit snippet to open the likewise namend view. You will find the entry fields of this view explained in Section 2.1, “Edit Snippet”.

Click on the button Copy snippet to create a copy of a snippet. For more information please read Section 3, “Copy Snippet”.

Click on the button Delete snippet to delete a snippet. for more information please read Section 4, “Delete Snippet”.


The column “Author” indicates which user has created or last edited the sippet.

Last modified

The column “Last modified” displays the time and date when the snippet was last edited.

2.1. Edit Snippet

To edit a snippet first click on the entry “Edit snippets” in the menu “Snippets”. In the list view “Edit snippets” click on the button Edit snippet in the column "Manage" and the row of the snippet.


Enter the name of the snippet that will be listed in the WYSIWYG editor and that an editor can choose it by.


Please use a meaningful name so that editors can easily identify the snippet by its name.


Please enter the HTML code or text you want to provide as a snippet.

Available in

You can make snippets available in the rubric you have currently selected or in all rubrics. Please specify your choice by clicking on the corresponding radio button.

To save the changes you have made to a snippet please click on the button “Save”.