Chapter 5. Installation

Table of Contents

1. System Requirements
1.1. Server System Requirements
1.2. Supported Web Servers
1.3. Database
1.4. PHP
1.5. Client
2. Before You Install
2.1. Download the ConPresso Archive
2.2. Upload the ConPresso Directories
2.3. Set Rights
3. ConPresso Installation Routine
3.1. Welcome
3.2. Step 1/3 - Check of Requirements
3.3. Step 2/3 - Settings
3.4. Step 3/3 - Finished
4. Information on PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin
5. Information on Installing ConPresso under Windows
5.1. Configuration of the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
5.2. Using Apachefriends
6. Uninstall ConPresso

ConPresso is easily installed on a web server. The actual installation is completed in the three successive steps of the installation routine. The installation routine will gather the necessary data and configure the system in accordance with the requirements of your webspace or server.

The installation instructions are based on the presumption that ConPresso will be installed on rented webspace, as this is the most common application of ConPresso. You may also use these instructions, however, if you are planning to install ConPresso on your own server. You will find additional information on how to install ConPresso on your own server in Section 4, “Information on PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin” and Section 5, “Information on Installing ConPresso under Windows”.

Before you start installing, please make sure that your technical infrastructure is equipped with the basic requirements for ConPresso's operation and take all the steps that are described in sections Section 2, “Before You Install” to Section 3.4, “Step 3/3 - Finished”