5. Information on Installing ConPresso under Windows

If you are planning to install ConPresso on a windows server you usually have to provide the necessary requirements first, as neither the scripting language PHP nor the database management system MySQL are part of a Microsoft Server installation.

An installer makes it easy to install PHP and MySQL under Windows. We recommend the use of phpMyAdmin for managing the MySQL databases under Windows as well.

The procedure of installing ConPresso under Windows is identical with the procedure described above.

5.1. Configuration of the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)

When configuring the IIS, please be sure to define the file index.php as an additional default file if this is not done automatically during your installation of PHP.

You will find this file in “Documents” of the specific website.

In a local installation you can simply unpack the ConPresso archive into the startup directory of the IIS. Usually you do not have to set permissions, as the IIS' www-service is executed under the local system account by default so that these permissions are already set.

5.2. Using Apachefriends

An integrated solution that installs and configures the Apache web server, MySQL and PHP on a Windows server is conceivable and even preferable if you are a less experienced administrator. A frequently applied solution of this kind is Apachefriends (XAMPP). All the programmes described above are included in a single installation archive that can be downloaded from http://www.apachefriends.org or http://www.apachefriends.org/de/xampp-windows.html.

For detailed information please refer to the documentation and the website of Apachefriends.