2. Before You Install

After you have made sure that your technical infrastructure meets the requirements listed in Section 1, “System Requirements”, please continue with the installation preparations given below. Then proceed with Section 3, “ConPresso Installation Routine”.

2.1. Download the ConPresso Archive

If you have not already, please download the current ConPresso version from the ConPresso-Website and save the archive on your computer.

2.2. Upload the ConPresso Directories

After downloading please unpack the archive on your computer. Then transfer the complete directory structure to your web server via FTP.


Of course you can also unpack the archive directly on your server, if you have the required access for this action.

You can install ConPresso in the root directory as well as in a subdirectory of your web server. Most users decide to install ConPresso in a subdirectory named conpresso, you can use any other directory name, however.

The following instructions are based on the presumption that ConPresso is installed in the subdirectory conpresso in the root directory of a web server named "www.example.com".

If you are planning to install ConPresso directly in the root directory of your web server or to use a subdirectory with a different name, please adapt the address you call up for the installation accordingly.

2.3. Set Rights

If you have finished transferring the files onto your web server, please set write permissions on the directories conpresso/_cfg and conpresso/_data. You can set those permissions via your FTP client.


By setting write permissions on the directory conpresso/_cfg you allow ConPresso to store a configuration file in this directory in the course of the setup. If you do not want to give write permissions on the configuration directory you can create the configuration file manually during the setup.