Chapter 7. Rubrics

Table of Contents

1. Creating a Rubric
1.1. Basic Rubric Settings
1.2. Source for Extended Rubric Settings
1.3. Extended Rubric Settings
2. Rubrics (List View)
2.1. Edit Rubric Settings
2.2. Edit Basic Rubric Settings
2.3. Source for Extended Rubric Settings
2.4. Extended Rubric Settings
2.5. Edit Rubric Rights
2.6. Delete Rubric
3. Rubric Preview
4. Show rubric
5. Edit Navigation
5.1. Edit Navigation Element
5.2. Insert Navigation Element
5.3. Select and Move Navigation Element
5.4. Delete Navigation Element

ConPresso is an article-based Content Management System that enables editors to place content like images, texts or links in an article and to publish that article within a project - for example a website. In the ConPresso backend articles are allocated to entities that are a level above them: the rubrics. Therefore, you first have to choose the article's rubric if you want to create or edit an article.

A rubric can contain numerous articles. An administrator creates and configures rubrics in the course of a project's implementation, so that they already exist when an editor starts working. In the frontend of a ConPresso project the rubric is displayed as the rubric output-page or, in short, rubric-page.

If you have created one or several articles under a certain rubric in the ConPresso backend, these articles will be displayed on the rubric page. They are displayed, however, in accordance with certain rules that will be explained later on.

During the customization of the system, the administrator of your ConPresso project defines which content elements are displayed on the rubric page and which ones can be seen on the article page.

For details about the function and structure of an article please refer to Chapter 8, Articles .

If you have not created any articles for a rubric in the ConPresso backend, the browser will display that rubric output-page in the frontend with a message like "No articles found!".

You will find the menu “Rubrics” at the top of the ConPresso navigation in the ConPresso backend. This is the centre of your work with ConPresso. This menu contains the options and functions explained in this section, please note, however, that the options “Create rubric” and “ Edit navigation ” are only visible, if your role that of an “administrator” or “superuser”.