ConPresso - Making it child's play.

Dear ConPresso users and all those looking for a powerful CMS,

thank you for your interest in ConPresso, the Content Management System made by Bartels.Schöne. More than 20000 downloads of ConPresso version 3.x, many favourable articles in computer magazines and the ever growing ConPresso community oblige us to take a huge step in the development of ConPresso. Nowadays a couple of thousand websites, among them large information portals, are based on ConPresso. Over the past few years ConPresso has grown into a system that helps users to build and maintain complex websites comfortably without losing track.

Making it child's play. - that is the motto which guided us throughout the development of ConPresso and which will continue to guide us when we improve and augment this Content Management System.

ConPresso has evolved from Bartels.Schöne's many years of experience in developing inter-, intra- and extranet solutions based on internet technologies. We have developed ConPresso for you, so it already has an enormous range of functionalities. In addition to that, many useful modules enhancing these functionalities were developed in the meantime. While we worked on ConPresso we have always kept in mind to keep the system easy to manage and to understand for its users.

A clear concept, simple structures and maximum usability are ConPresso's main features. That is what makes working with ConPresso as easy as child's play - even for newbie users. And that is only one of many reasons why ConPresso is an ideal introduction to Content Management.

Editors will feel familiar with the system after a short time, so that they can easily create and work on content.

System administrators will discover, for instance, that ConPresso is easily installed, has low system requirements and a carefully developed concept that renders it easy to customize. This is also supported by the fact that ConPresso is delivered with its source available.

ConPresso is solely based on the standard technologies PHP and MySQL, which means that your decision for ConPresso is a future-proof investment.

If you need help with installing or customizing ConPresso just have a look at the ConPresso website, it links to the ConPresso community which you will find very supportive as well as to numerous ConPresso partners offering a wide range of services.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on ConPresso and this manual, please submit them to . For more information and support please refer to ConPresso-Website.

We hope ConPresso 4 will help you to manage the content of your website as easily as child's play and that you enjoy working with it!

Your ConPresso Team