Chapter 16. Restricted Sections and Personalization

Table of Contents

1. Differences between Restricted and Personalized Rubrics
2. Creating Articles in Restricted or Personalized Rubrics
2.1. Creating and Editing Articles in Restricted Rubrics
2.2. Creating and Editing Articles in Personalized Rubrics
3. Creating Restricted User Sections
3.1. Your Task
4. Creating Personalized User Sections
4.1. Your Task
5. The Functions "Login", "Reset Password" and "Change Password"
5.1. User Login at the Frontend
5.2. "Reset Password" at the Frontend
5.3. Changing the Password at the Frontend

Restricted or personalized user-sections are requirements that frequently occur when internet-based projects are being realized. For the realization of intra- or extranet projects they often are an essential necessity.

The ConPresso user administration is the starting point for planning and setting up restricted or personalized sections. It enables you to configure the access rights of users without using additional software of changing the settings of your webserver.

In order to limit the access to certain parts of your project and to grant it to specific users only, ConPresso supports the creation of user groups. Each user can be a member of one group only and this group can be authorised to access certain restricted or personalized rubrics of your project.