3. Creating Restricted User Sections

The following paragraphs will demonstrate how to create restricted sections.

If your ConPresso project operates a company website, you might want to make certain internal company information accessible to a specific group of people exclusively. These could be sales representatives, for example, who should have access to information like "Technical Product Descriptions" and "Sales Figures".

3.1. Your Task

Realization of a restricted user section for sales representatives Smith, Jones, Daniels and Walker granting them access to the restricted rubrics "Technical Product Descriptions" and "Sales Figures".

Step 1 - Create User Group

Create the user group "Sales Representatives" in the ConPresso user administration. Click on the entry “Create group” in the menu “Users” to open the view “Create group”.

Enter the group name "Sales Representatives" into the field “Group”. Optionally you can add a description of the group into the field “Group description”. In our example this description could be "External sales staff". Click on the button “Save” to create this new group.


User groups that already have been created are listed in the view “Edit groups”. You can edit user groups or delete them by clicking on the buttons Edit group or Delete Group in the column “Manage” of the list view “Edit groups”. Open this view by clicking on the entry “Edit groups” in the menu “Users”. For more information please refer to Chapter 12, Users.

Step 2 - Create User

Create the four user accounts for Smith, Jones, Daniels and Walker as described in Section 2, “Create User” and define them as members of the group "Sales Representatives". If they do not necessarily have to be able to log in to the ConPresso backend to edit and create content, it is sufficient to assign them the role "Member".

Step 3 - Create Rubrics

Please create the rubrics "Technical Product Descriptions" and "Sales Figures". Proceed as described in Section 1, “Creating a Rubric”.

Step 4 - Define Rubric Access Rights

Click on the entry “List rubrics” in the menu “Rubrics” to open the rubric settings of the rubric "Technical Product Descriptions" and then those of the rubric "Sales Figures". Select “Restricted rubric” from the dropdown menu of “Rubric type” for each rubric.

Confirm your settings by clicking on the button “Save”.

The basic rubric settings will now display the option “Group access” below the setting “Rubric type”. Select the user group "Sales Representatives" by checking the box beside it. Save your settings by clicking on the button “Save” or on “Save and return to list of rubrics”.

Anyone who calls up the rubric "Technical Product Descriptions" or "Sales Figures" in the frontend of your ConPresso project will now have to log in and identify him- or herself as a member of the group "Sales Represenatives" to view the contents of these rubrics.