1. Differences between Restricted and Personalized Rubrics

If a user calls up a restricted rubric in the frontend of your ConPresso project, he or she will be prompted to log in. The user then submits his or her user name and password and ConPresso will check if the user is a member of a user group that has the access rights for this restricted rubric. If the login is successful and the check is positive, the contents of this rubric are displayed. In short: restricted rubrics require a login at the frontend. Only users that are members of the authorized user group can access the rubric and view the content.

It is different with a personalized rubric. Users do not necessarily have to log in at the frontend to view a personalized rubric. If the user has not logged in, he or she can view those articles of the personalized rubric that are accessible to all users. If the user chooses to log in at the frontend, however, ConPresso will check his or her access rights and display the contents intended for the group the user belongs to.

The administrator has the task of configuring the system to provide the frontend login to personalized rubrics. For that purpose the administrator has to embed the login function. For more information please refer to Section 5, “The Functions "Login", "Reset Password" and "Change Password"”.

Content editing users will then have to define which of their articles should be accessible to which user group(s).

For more information on creating personalized or restricted rubrics please read the following sections.