Chapter 2. New in ConPresso 4.0

Version 4 of ConPresso has kept the successful ConPresso principle (managing articles in rubrics) but has become even more flexible and efficient than its previous versions. Despite the many changes in ConPresso 4 one thing has remained: the ConPresso license model which distinguishes between commercial and non-commercial purposes.

The most notable new feature of ConPresso is its new template system. Now you can create article templates more freely by defining an unlimited number of your own placeholders (article elements). Templates can contain individual logics if the ifSet and ifNotSet commands are used. Thus, creating articles can be made easier for editors. For more information on the new template system please read Chapter 11, Templates.

In addition to that, ConPresso was augmented by various new functions. Navigations can be generated automatically now, you can create new rubrics without using an FTP client and the XML import/export function enables the rapid transfer of a ConPresso project from one server to another. Beyond that, numerous details were improved which make ConPresso even better and more modules enhance the functionalities of the main system.

Our demo website ConQuarium AG was updated to ConPresso 4 as well, so that is where you can take a look at the new features even before you install ConPresso 4.