Chapter 1. Information about this Manual

Table of Contents

1. Structure
2. Conventions

This manual contains information for editors as well as for administrators. It will accompany you during your first steps with ConPresso and serve as an additional resource on this easy and straightforward system.

Editors will find precise instructions on how to work on internet based content and learn which procedures are required for this work. Administrators will gain insight into the installation and customization of the system. The systematic structure of this manual closely corresponds with ConPresso's so that it works as a reference guide as well.

In addition to that, ConPresso comes with a comprehensive online help system that can be used to call up the information and hints of this manual while working with ConPresso.

For some sections of this manual we have provided short video sequences that will be pointed out to you. The manual will be updated as the system develops and it will receive version numbers for better identification.