2. Conventions

You will find numerous terms explained in the glossary of this manual. However, as some of these terms are of central importance, we would like introduce them to you in this section as well.

The manual applies the term ConPresso project quite frequently. Your project will probably be a website, however, as some of you might want to use ConPresso for intra- or extranet purposes, we have decided to use the more general term ConPresso project.

Another central term is the ConPresso backend, which refers to the actual workspace of ConPresso where users and administrators can login to create or manage the content of a ConPresso project. In this context you might also come across the term frontend or frontend of your ConPresso project which is the term for the output-side of ConPresso. If your ConPresso project is a website, the website as it can be seen on the internet would be the frontend of your ConPresso project.

In addition to that you might come across passages that are marked with one of the following symbols.


This symbol signifies that the information of this passage is of major importance and that it should be observed unconditionally to avoid serious mistakes.


This symbol signifies that this passage gives background information which enhances your understanding of the function described or provides alternatives.


This symbol signifies that this passage provides shortcuts making your work faster and easier.