1. Commercial and Non-Commercial Uses of ConPresso

The ConPresso license model distinguishes between the commercial and the non-commercial use of ConPresso. For non-commercial purposes ConPresso is provided for free. If it is used in a commercial context, though, the user has to obtain a "ConPresso License for Commercial Use" (business license).

A project is deemed to be a non-commercial project

As a rule, the non-commercial status of an organisation usually is documented in its bylaws.

A project is deemed to be a commercial project

In that case the licensee has to obtain a "License for Commercial Use".

Apart from companies which use ConPresso for publishing information, for instance, to support their sales activities, public institutions are also deemed commercial organisations as they are paid by taxes to perform administrational tasks, provide infrastructures, security etc.

For educational organisations please refer to "ConPresso@school" on ConPresso-Website for more information.

By providing ConPresso for free for non-commercial purposes, we would like to support non-profit organisations and to encourage as many people as possible to join the ConPresso user community. Thus we can make sure that the system's development will continue to proceed on a high-quality level. And this again is something companies looking for an affordable Content Management System can benefit from.

The license fees for the commercial use of ConPresso ensure the continuous development of ConPresso and facilitate the provision of documentations, translations, support etc.

Regardless of which use you want to put ConPresso to, commercial or non-commercial, it is fully functional without limitations so that you can test it thoroughly and customize it for your project. After a period of three months (or by the time you have finalized your project), however, we will ask you to register your copy of ConPresso for non-commercial purposes or to obtain a "License for Commercial Use" (business license).