Chapter 9. Files

Table of Contents

1. Upload Files
2. Work on Images
2.1. Edit Image Properties
3. Work on Files
3.1. Edit File Properties

ConPresso provides the facility to publish images and files within articles. If you want to show images and files in the frontend, however, you have to transfer them onto the server first.

From a technical point-of-view images are just files. Therefore ConPresso does not differentiate between files and images when it comes to transferring them. In other words: it is irrelevant if it is an image or any other file type you are uploading via the ConPresso backend to make it accessible in your project and to include it in an article.

The properties of images and files, however, are different matters for ConPresso. “Work on images” and “Work on files” are therefore available as separate entries for different procedures in the menu "Files".

All in all, the following entries and functions are available in this menu: