2. Work on Images

To perform one of the following actions please click on the entry “Work on images” in the menu “Files”.

The view“Work on images” displays a list of available images. If there are more images than can fit on the page, please use the navigation below to view the other images. Users with the role of "Administrator" can define the number of images that can be displayed on one page. For more information on that please read Section 1, “”.

This view contains the following columns:

File Name/Description

This column displays the file's name and the description of the image.


The column “Manage” contains the buttons Edit image properties and Delete image.

Click on the button Edit image properties to open the view where you can edit the image properties and other things. For more information please read Section 2.1, “Edit Image Properties”.

Click on the button Delete image to remove an image from ConPresso. Please confirm the deletion when prompted. Once an image has been deleted it cannot be restored.


The column “Preview” displays a thumbnail version of the image. Click on that thumbnail to view the image in its original size. This will open a new browser window.


The column “Info” contains the following information

  • uploaded”: the time and day when the image was uploaded into ConPresso

  • by”: name and username of the user who has uploaded the image

  • size”: size of the image in pixels (width x hight).

  • file format”: file format the image was saved as - "image/gif", "image/png" or "image/jpeg"

  • file size”: size of the file

  • available in”: information on whether the image is available in all rubrics, only the current rubric or in article-templates

Enable filter

Click on the button“Enable filter” to narrow the range of images displayed based on their availability or a keyword.

Availability filter

Use this option to filter the range of images displayed based on their availability in article-templates, in all rubrics or in the rubric you have currently selected. Please use the corresponding checkboxes to specify your choice.

Please click on the button “Enable filter” to apply this filter.

Keyword filter

Use this option to narrow the range of images displayed by entering a keyword. ConPresso will be looking for that “Keyword” in the “File name”, “ALT-text” and “Description” of the images.

Please click on the button “Enable filter” to initiate the filtering process.

Disable filter

Click on the button “Disable filter” to switch off the filter function.

2.1. Edit Image Properties

Click on the button “Edit image properties” to open the view “Edit image properties”. In that view you can edit the ALT-text of the image as well as its description and availability.

File Name

This is the name under which ConPresso has stored the image. This name is specified when the image is uploaded and it cannot be altered afterwards.


Please enter the ALT-text of the image.

Image description

Please enter a description of the image. This description can be displayed in the frontend of your project.

Available in

Here you can choose to make the image available in article-templates, all rubrics or just the rubric you have currently selected. Mark the corresponding option to specify your choice. The option “Article-templates” is only available for users with the roles of "Administrator" and "Superuser".

To finish editing the image's properties please click on the button “Save”. ConPresso will then return to the view “Work on images”.