Chapter 15. Customize ConPresso

Table of Contents

1. Before You Start
1.1. Project Planning
2. Customizing the Design
2.1. Customizing Header and Footer Files
2.2. Headers and Footers Based on the Example of ConQuarium AG
2.3. Frontend Navigation
3. Further Customization

This section introduces you to how to customize your ConPresso project in no time so that editors can start managing it comfortably and without any HTML knowledge.

The most important goals for the developers of ConPresso were to make the system fast to customize, extremely productive and easy to keep track of for administrators and user-friendly for editors.

If you decide to implement a Content Management System into your website, you would want a system that is not only flexible but that also minimizes the amount of work you have to put into creating and maintaining the website. The easier it is to implement the system, the sooner you will be able to put resources occupied with creating the website to another use like, for example, creating and updating content.

The fact that ConPresso is delivered with its source available ensures that developers can quickly gain an insight into its structure and ways of functioning so that they can easily adapt the system if necessary. They can for instance include their own or other scripts into ConPresso.