Chapter 8.  Articles

Table of Contents

1. Create Article
1.1. Article Metadata
1.2. Article Content
1.3. Save Article
1.4. The ConPresso WYSIWYG Editor
2. Edit Articles (List View)
2.1. The ConPresso Approval Mechanism
2.2. Publication Period
2.3. Edit Article
2.4. Copy Article
2.5. Move Article
2.6. Delete Article
2.7. Article Versions
3. Restore Article
4. Approve Article

Similar to an article in a newspaper a ConPresso article contains elements like texts and images relating to a specific content. The ConPresso article is created by a user acting as a content editor and other than the newspaper article it can link to other content and provide files for download.

Before an article is created in the ConPresso backend, the user to select the rubric he or she wants the article to appear in. For a fuller explanation of the relation between articles and rubrics please refer to Chapter 6, The First Steps and Basics of Working with ConPresso as an Editor. For more information on rubrics please read Chapter 7, Rubrics.

Which entries and functions for creating and editing articles are accessible via the menu “Articles” is dependent on the role of the user.